Gloves sizing guide

Did you know that in your fingertips there are 17.000 touch-sensitive receptors?
That’s the reason why people sometimes say that they can’t work with gloves however if you have the right fitting gloves that are close at the fingertips  then the glove and hand can work together in a comfortable, productive and safe manner. With this in mind we have developed a sizing guide for our range to ensure that you get the best fitting glove.

How to use 
Place your hand on the image below. With your index finger aligned with the vertical grey line place your thumb crotch on the silhouette. Please ensure the grey line remains visible and look at the right hand side of your hand to which coloured line is closest to your hand. Please note when printing this document it has to be printed in an A4 format. 
Alternatively you can find your glove size by measuring the circumference of your hand according to the arrow in the graphic (A) and matching this to the table on the top right of the page.


Download the gloves sizing guide