HandCare® | ATG® Intelligent Glove Solutions


All our gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and are post washed prior to packaging enabling us to guarantee them “fresh out of the pack” as certified by Oeko-Tex®. All ingredients used in the production of our gloves are according to REACH and none of our product contains SVHC.

We spare no effort in making sure that the ATG® glove experience is a gentle one, both for the user’s skin and for the planet. As an expression of our responsibility towards our planet, we have appointed a dedicated team that continually measures and monitors the short and long-term ecological impact of all our production processes. This team’s expertise also helps us to think ahead, improve performance and find ways to further minimise our global environmental footprint. This entire monitoring process is ISO 14001certified and serves as the foundation for our environmental framework as well as our HandCare® Program.

ATG® gloves. Guaranteed skin friendly.