Brussels, June 13th 2023 – ATG®, a global leader in profesional work gloves, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with VR46 Racing Team, a renowned force in the world of MotoGP.

Strategic Partnership: ATG® and VR46 RACING TEAM

The partnership between ATG® and VR46 Racing Team aims to achieve new heights in performance, innovation, and success. By leveraging ATG®’s expertise in development and production of premium professional work gloves, alongside VR46 Racing Team’s experience in the fast-paced world of MotoGP, this partnership is set to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in fast paced, stressfull environments where nano seconds count.

As part of this strategic collaboration, ATG® will provide VR46 Racing Team with state-of-the-art professional work gloves, MaxiFlex® Ultimate™, that include a class leading cooling technology platform, AD-APT®, which is designed to enhance the team’s performance of the most sophisticated work tool, the hand. These cutting-gloves will be meticulously integrated into the team’s existing infrastructure, helping them gain an edge and achieve exceptional on-track results.

The collaboration between ATG® and VR46 Racing Team will extend beyond the racetrack. Both organizations share a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Through joint initiatives, the partnership will actively promote and advance sustainable practices within MotoGP, championing the adoption of eco-friendly technologies and promoting a greener future. 
Speaking about this landmark collaboration, ATG®’s Director of Global Marketing, David Staniforth, expressed great enthusiasm, stating, “VR46 Racing is an iconic name in the world of MotoGP led by the greatest of all time and MotoGP legend, Valentino Rossi. We are thrilled and honoured to join forces. This partnership presents an incredible opportunity to combine our strengths and expertise to drive innovation, push the boundaries, and deliver unprecedented success on and off the track.”

Alessio Salucci, Team Director of the Mooney VR46 Racing Team, “I’m pleased to welcome another new partner in our project and into the MotoGP Family. A really big reality that perfect matches comfort and performance as we try to do every day in our Team. It’s crucial for us to give the best working tools for our mechanics and technicians and this collaboration is another step forward on this target. A beginning of a new solid partnership that – we hope – will bring ambitious results and the achievements of important common goals”.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact Chris Busby at ATG®.


The VR46 Racing Team is a motorcycle racing team owned by Valentino Rossi and based in Tavullia (Marche, Italy). The team competes in the MotoGP world series with Ducati motorbikes, under the name Mooney VR46 Racing Team.