Reforestation of mangroves in Sri Lanka - an investment in our climate

With the OneMillionTrees campaign, ATG® is making a conscious commitment to climate protection and the preservation of ecosystems in Sri Lanka. With every tree project selected, we come closer to our goal of planting one million trees. We are not only concerned with reforestation, but also with activating wasteland and sustainably securing the livelihoods of many Sri Lankans.

Cool gloves to succeed the heat of battle

ATG® is the official glove partner of the PERTAMINA ENDURO VR46 RACING TEAM in the 2024 season.

Great Place To Work

We are humbled and honoured to announce that ATG® has again been recognised as a great place to work.

Strategic Partnership: ATG® and VR46 RACING TEAM

Brussels, June 13th 2023 – ATG®, a global leader in profesional work gloves, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with VR46 Racing Team, a renowned force in the world of MotoGP.

ATG Achieves Accreditation for Environmental Management

Brussels, June 12th 2023 – ATG®, a Global Leader in Professional Work Gloves, Achieves ISO 14064 Accreditation for Environmental Management.

An ISO cut level D and above is not equal a Coupe level 5

Since the introduction of the revised code standards in 2016 which redefined the coupe standard and saw the introduction of the ISO13997 test a modern-day myth emerged.

Comfort vs. performance, can you have it both?

With regulations and technical progress that evolve at an increasingly rapid pace it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters when it comes to keeping your workers safe and productive.

We live in an increasingly globalised society.

We live in an increasingly globalised society. Take a moment to look around you. The things that you see when added together likely have more air miles and have been to more places around the world than you.

Is grip the new safety feature?

This will, perhaps, be the world’s shortest article, since the answer to that question is yes: grip is indeed the new safety feature. But why is grip able to offer the glove user more safety?