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Frequently asked questions

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What is AD-APT®?

AD-APT® is our newest technology, that we have integrated into some of our MaxiFlex®. The AD-APT technology is designed and developed to cool your hands whilst working and works in partnership with our proven AIRtech® technology that provides 360 degree breathability. In tandem these two technologies, AD-APT and AIRtech®, work to keep your hands cool, dry and productive even in though conditions.

What does Sanitized mean?

Within our gloves we use sanitized to keep odors to a minimum. Sanitized® is like a deodorant that helps keep your gloves fresher longer and leaves you feeling safe and protected. Please note that ATG® uses a specific grade of Sanitized® that is “triclosan free”.

Do you outsource any production?

No; no part of our production process is outsourced. This helps us to achieve uniformly high quality levels.

Are your gloves approved for food contact?

The MaxiFlex® range contains a number of gloves which are FDA compliant (21 CFR 177). MaxiFlex® Ultimate reference 34-874 et al and the MaxiDry® Zero reference 56-451 meet the requirements of the European food standards as well (EU1935/2004). Contact your local ATG® representative to confirm specific product applicability.