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Frequently asked questions

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Where can we buy your products?

Please see our website or your local ATG® representative for the distributor supplying ATG® products in your area.

Do you make polyurethane coated gloves?

We are known as a manufacturer that works with nirile and specifically our patented AIRtech® technology. The AIRtech® technology utilizes micro-foam nitrile to allow our gloves to breathable whilst being comfortable gloves and offering high levels of dexterity.

What is AD-APT®?

AD-APT® is our newest technology, that we have integrated into some of our MaxiFlex®. The AD-APT technology is designed and developed to cool your hands whilst working and works in partnership with our proven AIRtech® technology that provides 360 degree breathability. In tandem these two technologies, AD-APT and AIRtech®, work to keep your hands cool, dry and productive even in though conditions.

What does 18 gauge mean? What gauge are your gloves and does this matter to me?

Gauge refers to the knitting process and resultant characteristics of the glove liner. Typically the higher the gauge number, the more dense the fabric, but the fabric is also typically thinner. This means 18  gauge gloves would typically be thinner, with a denser liner than a 15 gauge glove. However, there are a number of other features and benefits apart from  gauge that are helpful in choosing a glove.