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Frequently asked questions

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Do you have a puncture resistant, heat resistant, cut resistant glove that is breathable and oil resistant?

YES, we could make a glove combining all of those characteristics however it would have one major drawback: COMFORT. Glove selection often involves the prioritisation of needs and accepting some trade-offs to find the most suitable glove for the work being done. We offer four glove brands to meet the needs of glove wearers.

What is DURAtech®?

DURAtech® is a technology platform that makes gloves last longer. Why? Because long lasting gloves simply makes good economic sense but it’s not all about the durability. It’s also about making sure your gloves are fresh and clean so we’ve designed our gloves so they can be laundered. That way you’re able to make full use of the outstanding durability offered.

Why do you prewash your gloves?

We want our gloves to be 'fresh out of the pack', and so even though we ensure all of the elements of production are safe for our employees, we wash the gloves post production to ensure cleanliness.

What is DMF?

DMF (Dimethylformamide, CAS: 68-12-2) is an organic solvent which is restricted as a Substance of Very High Concern according to Article 57 (c) - toxic for reproduction (SVHC-Candidate List for authorisation since 2012) by REACH; It is a solvent used in the production of solvent based polyurethane gloves. All ATG® gloves are guaranteed SVHC free.