MaxiFlex® is available in 4 different dip lines, meaning there are 4 options as to how much coating is applied to the glove. For many tasks, a palm coating may be sufficient, leaving the back of the hand with maximum flexibility. For other tasks, when cushioning or higher oil repellance on the backside of the glove is needed, 3/4 or full coating may be more appropriate. We offer different dip lines so that you only get the amount of coating you need.

MaxiFlex® is exceptionally durable, and has achieved up to 18000 cycles in testing, twice the figure MaxiFlex® colour copies typically achieve. All of this means that MaxiFlex® will last longer and help to reduce your glove costs.

Abrasion resistance is measured from level 1-4 (EN388), but within those levels, performance can vary. For example, level 4 abrasion resistance requires a glove to withstand a minimum of 8000 cycles, but MaxiFlex achieves up to twice as many abrasion cycles. MaxiFlex® therefore far exceeds the minimum performance requirements of level 4 abrasion resistance and would be considered more durable than a product only just achieveing level 4.

MaxiFlex® is available in 8 sizes, from 5 - 12 (XXS-XXXL).

MaxiFlex® Cut™ affords EN388 cut level 3 in addition to delivering all the features and benefits of MaxiFlex®.

No they do not; you can launder MaxiFlex® Active and the encapsulated ingredients will not wash out, allowing you to enjoy the benefits wash, after wash, after wash.

The micro-dots help provide extra cushioning for repetitive tasks, enabling you to work for longer while enjoying high levels of comfort.

Micro-foam nitrile is a special, patented formulation of nitrile coating which allows our gloves (where this coating is used) to be fully breathable. The coating can be applied precisely and is thin, which means users can enjoy maximum dexterity and flexibility.

Yes, the MaxiFlex® range is silicone free with the exception of MaxiFlex® Endurance, styles of MaxiFlex® Elite with raised dots (34-244 and 34-245) and MaxiFlex® Cut with raised dots (34-8443 and 34-8453), which provide extra cushioning and increased durability.


Tanning is the process of treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather, which is more durable and less susceptible to decomposition. Once completed there can be chromium VI within the treated leather which has led to chromium VI being listed as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) within the European REACH legislation and limited to 3PPM within EN420.

Leather has traditionally been a popular material to use when cut protection was required. But this was the case, cause there were no alternatives on the market decades ago. Our CUTtech® technology platform combines and blends high performance yarns and fibres to impart different levels of cut protection with the driving philosophy to deliver high levels of comfort and wearer satisfaction. This is way ahead of the former leather gloves. These gloves were also so comfortable that there is no need to take them off for doing precision handling work.

The MaxiCut® range incorporates AIRtech® technology, meaning it features 360 degree full hand breathability.

Some of our existing MaxiCut® range contains silicone, however new MaxiCut® Ultra is silicone free, and offers EN level 4C cut protection in a thin, comfortable and breathable glove.


There are thousands of different chemicals on the market and even more mixtures. As every chemicals brings its own characteristics and react differently with glove materials there is nothing such as a "one for all" chemical resistant glove on the market. The most common material used as a chemical resistant glove is - Nitrile. This material offers good resistance versus oils, acids, hydroxides and alcanes. To choose the right glove for your environment please contact your supplier or ATG® Sales member.

MaxiChem® Cut delivers all the features and benefits of MaxiChem® with the added benefit of EN388:2016 cut level 3B protection.


MaxiDry® is designed primarily for oil repellance and not for use where contact with chemicals occurs regularly. For chemical resistance we have created MaxiChem®.

MaxiDry® is designed with oil and liquid repellence in mind and is not recommended for use with chemicals, we offer MaxiDry® Plus for low level chemical resistance and MaxiChem® where higher levels of protection are needed.

Solvent based polyurethane products may possess good grip characteristics due to the solvent however one of these solvents, DMF, is classified as a Substance of Very High Concern under the REACH legislation.

MaxiDry®'s coating is designed to resist and repell liquids and oils. It is not designed to be chemical resistant; for use with chemicals we recommend MaxiChem®.


Literally - Advanced Technology Gloves. We believe in innovation and quality, and we are constantly working to refine our products and to produce new products.

The ClassicRange contains more traditional products for a wide range of applications, made to ATG®'s high levels of quality and cleanliness.

No; no part of our production process is outsourced. This helps us to achieve uniformly high quality levels.

We manufacture all of our products in state of the art facilities in Sri Lanka.

We make gloves for environments not applications. Why? To make it easier for you to get the right glove for the job you do. MaxiFlex® is for precision handling work in dry environments; MaxiDry® is for precision handling work in oily and wet environments; MaxiCut® for work with a risk of cut; MaxiChem® for chemical exposure. In some cases, some more specialised applications may require an alternative product.

By utilizing water based manufacturing means just that. Water is one of the key ingredients in the production process.

DMF (Dimethylformamide, CAS: 68-12-2) is an organic solvent which is restricted as a Substance of Very High Concern according to Article 57 (c) - toxic for reproduction (SVHC-Candidate List for authorisation since 2012) by REACH; It is a solvent used in the production of solvent based polyurethane gloves. All ATG® gloves are guaranteed SVHC free.

In an industry that sees gloves companies traditionally carry 400 different gloves and seven out of ten times use the wrong glove we thought is was time for change. Our four brands cover ninety percent of the needs within the industrial glove market to make things simpler.

We are known as a manufacturer that works with nirile and specifically our patented AIRtech® technology. The AIRtech® technology utilizes micro-foam nitrile to allow our gloves to breathable whilst being comfortable gloves and offering high levels of dexterity.

The MaxiFlex® range contains a number of gloves which are FDA compliant (21 CFR 177). MaxiFlex® Ultimate reference 34-874 et al and the MaxiDry® Zero reference 56-451 meet the requirements of the European food standards as well (EU1935/2004). Contact your local ATG® representative to confirm specific product applicability.

YES, we could make a glove combining all of those characteristics however it would have one major drawback: COMFORT. Glove selection often involves the prioritisation of needs and accepting some trade-offs to find the most suitable glove for the work being done. We offer four glove brands to meet the needs of glove wearers.

Our 4 brands are designed to be in different environments making it easy to choose. MaxiFlex® for precision handling work in dry environments; MaxiDry® for precision handling work in oily and wet environments; MaxiCut® for work with a risk of cut; MaxiChem® for chemical exposure.

Our gloves are certified skin friendly by the Skin Health Alliance and we guarantee our products to be SVHC free (REACH).

Gauge refers to the knitting process and resultant characteristics of the glove liner. Typically the higher the gauge number, the more dense the fabric, but the fabric is also typically thinner. This means 18  gauge gloves would typically be thinner, with a denser liner than a 15 gauge glove. However, there are a number of other features and benefits apart from  gauge that are helpful in choosing a glove.

Strikethrough occurs where a portion of the coating contaminates the liner of the glove, you can often see where this has occurred by turning a glove inside out and inspecting the liner. We use our ERGOtech® technology platform to help eliminate strikethrough. During our patented coating process, our highly trained and skilled engineers regulate the thickness of the coating, assuring it’s consistency across all parts of the glove where it is applied. We also strictly control how much of the coating is absorbed into the liner. Why? It ensures that only soft fibres on the inside of the glove come into contact with the user’s hand.

Yes we do - please see your ATG® representative who can supply you with this information.

Form, fit and feel refers to the way we design our gloves to mimic the natural contour of the human hand at rest. This ethos forms the basis of our ERGOtech® technology platform.

As part of our Handcare program all our gloves are post-washed to ensure they are fresh out of the pack as certified by Oeko-Tex. They are also designed to be laundered upto 6 times.


Our distribution partner network will be happy to provide you with a quote based on your needs.

Samples are typically available from your local ATG® representative or distributor.

Our sales partners are the ones that do the importation of our products to ensure proximity and presence of our gloves as and when you need them.

We do not supply products directly to the end-user rather our gloves are available through our global partner network. You can find your local distributor here.

This should be relatively quickly thanks to our distribution partner network. Please ask your ATG® representative/supplier for more information as they should have information specific to your region.

Please see our website or your local ATG® representative for the distributor supplying ATG® products in your area.


Typically, a circular blade moves backwards and forwards across the material being tested under a fixed load. The number of blade revolutions needed to cut through the material determines the cut level it is awarded.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) testing provides another way of measuring the cut perfomance of a glove. Testing differs from EN388 in the way in which testing is performed, and the performance levels do not exactly equate to each other. For example an EN388 cut level 3 may be an ANSI cut level 2.


It means our gloves breath on both the coated and kniited areas. Our 360 degree breathability is delivered by our AIRtech® technology platform. In products where this technology is used, because both the liner and the micro-foam nitrile coating are breathable, this means the glove is fully breathable and therefore your hand can breathe through 360 degrees.

We spare no effort in making sure that the ATG® glove experience is a gentle one, both for the user’s skin and for the planet. HandCare by ATG® incorporates a growing number of elements, and embodies our belief that a high performance glove should also be skin friendly from the moment you come into contact with them. All our gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and are post washed prior to packaging enabling us to guarantee them “fresh out of the pack” as certified by Oeko-Tex®. All ingredients used in the production of our gloves are according to REACH and none of our product contains SVHC.

DURAtech® is a technology platform that makes gloves last longer. Why? Because long lasting gloves simply makes good economic sense but it’s not all about the durability. It’s also about making sure your gloves are fresh and clean so we’ve designed our gloves so they can be laundered. That way you’re able to make full use of the outstanding durability offered.

The LIQUItech® barrier has been designed to safeguard you. It’s characterized by an industry leading coating technology, unique to ATG®, delivering lightweight, flexible coatings applied to very fine gauge seamless knit liners, with various coating weights. The combination of coating and seamless knitting technologies can be engineered to provide liquid repellence, along with low and high level chemical resistance, while retaining superb levels of comfort not normally associated with liquid repellent and chemical resistance gloves.

AIRtech® has set the standard for breathability. It was designed and developed to enhance comfort by eliminating heat build up inside a glove. Our customers have told us that there is nothing like it on the market today. It allows them to wear the glove longer and more comfortably than anything they have ever used before. AIRtech® enables what we refer to as 360° full hand breathability. Cool hands are happier, safer and more productive.

GRIPtech® decreases hand fatigue and increases safety. Our GRIPtech® “micro-cup” finish enhances grip properties making parts are handled more securely. In addition, it reduces hand fatigue associated with a lack of a proper grip. To obtain this highly efficient effect, a patented coating process is applied only where necessary, in order to enhance and maximize dexterity and flexibility.

ERGOtech® focuses on making the glove work like a second skin. ERGOtech® concentrates on maximising the form, fit and feel of our gloves, which results in a superior user experience. It's designed, developed and integrated into our gloves to mimic the natural contours of the hand, to deliver ourstanding flexibility, dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

AD-APT® is our newest technology, that we have integrated into some of our MaxiFlex®. The AD-APT™ technology is designed and developed to cool your hands whilst working and works in partnership with our proven AIRtech® technology that provides 360 degree breathability. In tandem these two technologies, AD-APT™ and AIRtech®, work to keep your hands cool, dry and productive even in though conditions.

The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) is the leading international skin health authority working closely with dermatologists, researchers, and skin scientists. We award professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist independent dermatological recognition for their product research.

We want our gloves to be 'fresh out of the pack', and so even though we ensure all of the elements of production are safe for our employees, we wash the gloves post production to ensure cleanliness.

Within our gloves we use sanitized to keep odors to a minimum. Sanitized® is like a deodorant that helps keep your gloves fresher longer and leaves you feeling safe and protected. Please note that ATG® uses a specific grade of Sanitized® that is “triclosan free”.

CUTtech® combines and blends high performance yarns and fibres to impart different levels of cut protection with the driving philosophy to deliver high levels of comfort and wearer satisfaction. We only source our fibre requirements from long term key partners. Once in-house, they are covered, twisted and plated at our production facility, the end result being innovative yarns and fibres that are light yet flexible. They are engineered to perform.