Technology Platforms

What makes ATG® gloves different?

ATG®’s technology platforms are continuously developed by a core team that matches market research and marketing analysis with the latest technological developments. This forms the foundation upon which we continually improve the customer’s experience through constant innovation. Why? It is because we understand the complexity of choosing and implementing a hand protection program that works and is adopted by all. On one side, your workforce continually asks for gloves that are more comfortable whilst on the other side there is a focus to reduce injuries, the costs associated with those injuries and to improve worker efficiency.

We aim, via use of our technology platforms, to combine comfort and worker acceptance with performance and safety features. We have also recently added a “well being” technology platform that takes care of your hands during and after work.
Our products include technologies that follow one of three themes:

1. Comfort
2. Performance
3. HandCare™

These technologies are used individually or collectively to provide you with the glove that is guaranteed skin friendly thanks to our partnership with the Skin Health Alliance. All our gloves are designed to last and can be laundered to ensure that we are able to maintain our commitment to you of “value for money”.

Everytime we speak to people that wear gloves, the first thing they tell us is that they have to be comfortable, which is why we have two dedicated comfort platforms.

Our performance platforms enable us to deliver safety characteristics that provide solutions where hazards may exist.

This includes providing solutions to cut, thermal, liquids and grip hazards.

These technologies can be used individually or collectively to provide uncompromised performance.

All our gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and are post washed prior to packaging enabling us to guarantee them “fresh out of the pack” as certified by Oeko-Tex®. All ingredients used in the production of our gloves are according to REACH and none of our product contains SVHC.

We spare no effort in making sure that the ATG® glove experience is a gentle one, both for the user’s skin and for the planet. As an expression of our responsibility towards our planet, we have appointed a dedicated team that continually measures and monitors the short and long-term ecological impact of all our production processes. This team’s expertise also helps us to think ahead, improve performance and find ways to further minimise our global environmental footprint. This entire monitoring process is ISO 14001certified and serves as the foundation for our environmental framework as well as our HandCare® Program.

ATG® gloves. Guaranteed skin friendly.

Keeping hot hands
cool, dry and productive

The AD-APT® Technology is actived by the movement of our hands and increased temperature within the glove, releasing a natural cooling agent that keeps your hand dry and make them cooler. Whilst the AD-APT® technology cools the hand to comfortable conditions it does not impact on the natural ability of the body to control its temperature i.e. thermoregulation.

It's designed to last for the duration of the glove and can be laundered.

Enhanced glove hygiene for your hands to work in

The ViroSan™ technology is located in the coating to ensure the glove surface remains fresh at all times which can be seen in the illustration below. This ensures that as the coating is used, there is always a fresh layer of ViroSan™ on the coating surface of MaxiDex®.

MaxiDex® is also touchscreen compatible, allowing you to conduct your daily tasks without the need to remove your gloves so ensuring that your hand is kept safe from abrasion and scrapes.

The ViroSan™ technology that's integrated in the coating of MaxiDex® is tested and has successfully passed ISO 21702:2019, which determines and measures antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces, including the human corona virus NL63.

MaxiDex® 19-007

Delivering 360° breathability

AIRtech® has set the standard for breathability. It was designed and developed to enhance comfort by eliminating heat build up inside a glove. Our customers have told us that there is nothing like it on the market today. It allows them to wear the glove longer and more comfortably than anything they have ever used before. AIRtech® is delivered, where the coating is applied, through a patented micro-foam nitrile coating. These tiny bubbles provide a network of micro-tunnels for heat to dissipate naturally, allowing the hand to breath.
AIRtech® enables what we refer to as 360° full hand breathability. Cool hands are happier, safer and more productive. Look for the AIRtech® logo.

For reduced hand fatigue

ERGOtech® focuses on making the glove work like a second skin. ERGOtech® concentrates on maximising the form, fit and feel of our gloves, which results in a superior user experience. An example of this technology is our compounds. We have developed our compounds to conform to the hand which maximizes their flexibility during use. Wear a MaxiFlex® and you’ll see how the compound moulds to your fingers to offer exceptional dexterity, flexibility and tactile sensitivity.

We are continually studying the dynamics and dimensions of the hand as the basis for creating our own hand moulds which are used in the coating process. During our patented coating process, our highly trained and skilled engineers regulate the thickness of the coating, assuring it’s consistency across all parts of the glove where it is applied. We also strictly control how much of the coating is absorbed into the liner. Why? It ensures that only soft fibres on the inside of the glove come into contact with the user’s hand.

This attention to detail is also apparent when matching the liners to the formers used in the dipping process. Our proRange, offering 7 sizes, from 5 (XXS) to 12 (XXXL)1 in palm, ¾, fully dipped and driver styles. It’s not a one liner fits all approach that is widely used in the industry. We utilize thirty four liners all of which are indvidually tailored to consider the compound composition used, dip line required and hand mould itself. The end result is the ultimate fitting glove.

ERGOtech® is designed, developed and integrated into our gloves to mimic the natural contours of the hand, to deliver ourstanding flexibility, dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

1 may not be available for all styles.

More comfort, More performance, Better protection

We believe that comfort and performance can sit together. This inspired us to develop a new way of making gloves, which brings previously unmatched comfort in chemical resistant work gloves. We call this revolutionary technology platform, TRItech.
TRItech uses 3 layers all of which have a unique and important purpose which are bonded together to create a strong yet flexible and comfortable composite.

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