Built with our innovative TRItech technology that enables it to be 30% thinner and 100% more comfortable whilst maintaining good mechanical performance.

  • TRItech™
  • LIQUItech®
  • ERGOtech®
  • GRIPtech® Oil™
  • HandCare™

MaxiChem® with TRItech™ 76-730

DesignGauntlet - 35 cm
CoatingNRL (Natural Rubber Latex)
Length (Size 10)35 cm
Palm thickness1.10 mm
SizesSize 7 (S) - Size 11 (XXL)
Food contact (EU)Yes
3131A EN 388:2016 + A1:20183131A
KLMNOP EN ISO 374-1:2016 + A1:2018/Type AKLMNOP
Yes EN ISO 374-5:2016Yes
X1XXXX EN 407:2020X1XXXX
Rena Conroy
"The MaxiFlex gloves are good for so many jobs."

Technologies inside


More comfort, More performance, Better protection

TRItech uses 3 layers all of which have a unique and important purpose which are bonded together to create a strong yet flexible and comfortable composite. Comfort, Performance and Protection are bonded in a new and innovativ way.


For protection against oils, liquids and chemicals

Chemical resistance - is delivered through our LIQUItech® technology platform.


For reduced hand fatigue

Ultra lightweight - synthetic coating combined with an industry leading super light seamless knit liner provides excellent comfort, sensitivity, fit and dexterity.

Tailored cuff - keeping the cuff close to your hand so maintaining your fingers at the tip of the glove to maximise dexterity.

GRIPtech® Oil™

For better performance

Our micro-cup non-slip grip finish allows for a controlled and superior grip in oily and wet applications. The nonslip grip is only applied where it is actually needed - in the palm area - to ensure flexibility isn’t compromised. GRIPtech® decreases hand fatigue and increases safety.


Cleanliness guaranteed

We use our HandCare® Program for every single ATG® product. Not only do we make certain that all the elements used in our manufacturing process are safe for our employees, we also wash all the gloves after the production process as a further step in ensuring cleanliness. During this laundering process, we prefer the use of water that is rain-harvested, treated and continually recycled from our own water treatment facilities.

This enables us to guarantee our gloves to be “Fresh out of the pack” which is certified by Oeko-Tex® according to Standard 100. We do not use any SVHC during our manufacturing process.

And if that wasn‘t enough our gloves are also dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. The Skin Health Alliance seal gives, for the first time in the safety industry, professional glove users the confidence that ATG®‚s full range of gloves are “dermatologically safe” and the science and research behind them is robust.

Comfort - Performance - HandCare

At ATG® we don´t develop glove by glove rather we invest in developing technology platforms that meet customer needs. This approach enables us to deliver a consistent experience across glove families (i.e. AIRtech® for MaxiFlex® and MaxiCut®).

Our technology platforms center around three pillars – comfort, durability and HandCare™(Cleanliness), which work together to deliver the ideal glove experience for each specific application.

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