MaxiDex® is the world’s first hybrid glove, as it combines the best features of precision-handling gloves and disposable gloves in one groundbreaking solution that includes our proprietary technology, ViroSan™, which is designed to prevent the proliferation of viruses which deposit on the glove.

  • ViroSan™
  • AD-APT®
  • ERGOtech®
  • LIQUItech®

MaxiDex® 19-007

DesignFully coated
Length (Size 10)24 cm
Palm thickness0.70 mm
SizesSize 6 (XS) - Size 11 (XXL)
Liquid proofYes
Touchscreen compatibleYes
3111A EN 388:2016 + A1:20183111A
Yes - Virus EN ISO 374-5:2016Yes - Virus
Rena Conroy
"The MaxiFlex gloves are good for so many jobs."

Technologies inside


Enhanced glove hygiene for your hands to work in

ViroSan™ is designed to prevent the proliferation of viruses which deposit on the glove and has also been successfully tested against NL63, a human strain of covid. It resides on the glove coating via our proprietary technology platform. ViroSan™ provides enhanced glove hygiene for your hands to work in.


Keeping hot hands cool, dry and productive

The AD-APT® Technology is activated by the movement of your hands and increased temperature within the glove, releasing a natural cooling agent that keeps your hand dry and make them cooler. It's designed to last for the duration of the glove and can be laundered.


For reduced hand fatigue

ERGOtech® focuses on making the glove work like a second skin. ERGOtech® concentrates on maximising the form, fit and feel of our gloves, which results in a superior user experience. An example of this technology is our compounds. We have developed our compounds to conform to the hand which maximizes their flexibility during use. Wear a MaxiFlex® and you’ll see how the compound moulds to your fingers to offer exceptional dexterity, flexibility and tactile sensitivity.

We are continually studying the dynamics and dimensions of the hand as the basis for creating our own hand moulds which are used in the coating process. During our patented coating process, our highly trained and skilled engineers regulate the thickness of the coating, assuring it’s consistency across all parts of the glove where it is applied. We also strictly control how much of the coating is absorbed into the liner. Why? It ensures that only soft fibres on the inside of the glove come into contact with the user’s hand.

This attention to detail is also apparent when matching the liners to the formers used in the dipping process. Our proRange, offering 7 sizes, from 5 (XXS) to 12 (XXXL)1 in palm, ¾, fully dipped and driver styles. It’s not a one liner fits all approach that is widely used in the industry. We utilize thirty four liners all of which are indvidually tailored to consider the compound composition used, dip line required and hand mould itself. The end result is the ultimate fitting glove.

ERGOtech® is designed, developed and integrated into our gloves to mimic the natural contours of the hand, to deliver ourstanding flexibility, dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

1 may not be available for all styles.


For protection against oils, liquids and chemicals

Our LIQUItech® technology platform provides a liquid proof barrier which in the case of MaxiDex, enables it to pass EN ISO 374-5, for viruses.

Comfort - Performance - HandCare

At ATG® we don´t develop glove by glove rather we invest in developing technology platforms that meet customer needs. This approach enables us to deliver a consistent experience across glove families (i.e. AIRtech® for MaxiFlex® and MaxiCut®).

Our technology platforms center around three pillars – comfort, durability and HandCare™(Cleanliness), which work together to deliver the ideal glove experience for each specific application.

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