The MaxiDry® range blends comfort and grip with protection from oils providing you a controlled performance in these difficult conditions.

All MaxiDry® gloves are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance as part of our HandCare program. They are also pre-washed prior to packaging enabling us to guarantee them “Fresh out of the pack” as certified by Oeko-Tex®.


Harold Washburn
"These are the best gloves I've ever had and I use them everyday "
Adam Oldenettel
"Have used these awesome MaxiFlex gloves for the past two years in the commercial electrical trade. Great product! "

Comfort - Performance - HandCare

At ATG® we don´t develop glove by glove rather we invest in developing technology platforms that meet customer needs. This approach enables us to deliver a consistent experience across glove families (i.e. AIRtech® for MaxiFlex® and MaxiCut®).

Our technology platforms center around three pillars – comfort, durability and HandCare™(Cleanliness), which work together to deliver the ideal glove experience for each specific application.

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